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About Addie From Addie Photo Album






About Addie

Rusticu Relentless Addie-Tude
Owners:  Jill & Tom Demski

CH Szikra's Sport'n Sensation JH x
CH Vizion Belle of Nelahozeves CD OA OAJ CGC

Ready to go!

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Breeders:  Penny Honet0r &
                 Gwen Tomlinson

Born September 12, 2002
OFA Hips:  GOOD VZ-9330G33F-PI
Spayed November 2005

CH - 6 points (All Done!  Too Boring!)

Click here for puppy photos of Addie and her littermates.

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Addie-Toodie, Houdini, the Escape Artist.....
Addie's litter name was "Pippi Longstocking".

 Registered Name Origin 
Rusticu -
Our kennel name.
Relentless Addie-Tude - Addie has been a cute little rascal since a teeny-weeny puppy.  She is very quick and very active, thus "Relentless".  Owner Tom is a humongous baseball fan, and named her after an old baseball player, "Addie Joss".

Food variety, keep away and being chased, rubbing my face in the sofa cushions, chomp-chomp, licking toes, stealing baby socks and playing You-Can't-Catch-Me.

Lots of people & dogs (like at shows), loud noises, crinkling bags.

From Addie


March 7, 2004
From Addie via Rebecca Moravec, Animal Communicator:
need more food variety.  daddy doesn't pay enough attention to my food [Jill says Tom doesn't use warm water but Jill does.]  i would really, really, really like to have another GIRL puppy to play with. [She asked that numerous times.]  i like to stay outside for long periods of time because i am hoping a friend will come over to play with me, because wrigley isn't as fun as i would like sometimes. [This is RIGHT ON, Addie loves to be outside and Wrigley loves to be inside.]  i like my sister vivvi, but sometimes vivvi can be mean to me and i don't like that.  i like the way leather tastes and feels on my tongue. [Addie is a notorious shoe, belt, leash and baseball destroyer.]  mommy & daddy need to keep leather out of my reach if they don't want me to eat it.  i don't like having my nails cut and i suggest having a professional cut them. [Jill said Addie has been much better about having them cut since the reading.]  i will try not to bite noses when i get too excited kissing [this usually happens when they get home, and Jill notes that she has not bitten noses when kissing since the reading!]  i don't really like shows because i don't know what you want me to do and they're boring.  [Jill asked Rebecca to ask Addie what her favorite thing is and Addie said] "the game of chase, to BE chased".  [NOTE: Anyone who has seen Addie around other dogs KNOWS this - she loves to grab a toy or stick and then have all the other dogs try and catch her. She does it non-stop.]

Photo Album

Sweet Dreams

Puppy Photos Weeks 2-6

Pippi (now Addie) goes home with new owners Tom & Jill

August 2003

Oshkosh Kennel Club (2 points) - May 15, 2004

ęBooth Photography

Addie's new twin brothers Sam & Nolan - November 2005

Nolan - "Take the photo - then catch me if you can!" - October 2006

Samuel - "I eat grass - and lots of it - MOOOO!" - October 2006



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