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About Buelow From Buelow Photo Album






About Buelow

CH Rusticu Sensation of Praha JH NA NAJ NJP

CH Szikra's Sport'n Sensation JH x
CH Vizion Belle of Nelahozeves CD OA OAJ CGC

Click for Buelow's Pedigree
Breeders:  Penny Honet0r &
                 Gwen Tomlinson
Born:  September 12, 2002
Died:  June 16, 2016
Buelow survived IMHA at age 4 and lived 21 months post-Hemangiosarcoma diagnosis at age 12.  He blessed our lives beyond all explanation and expectation.
AKC Height Card:  24" (at withers)
Weight:  55-60 lbs
CERF:  Normal VZ-524/2005--31 (4/15/05)
PennHIP:  Left:  0.40, Right: 0.28
OFA Hips:  Good VZ-9461G32M-PI
OFA Elbows:  Normal VZ-EL537M32-PI

CH - 8/10/03 (age:  10 Months) - Show Champion
JH - 4/25/04 (age:  19 Months)  - Junior Hunter
        First 4 consecutive passes
NA - 1/28/06 (age:  3y 4m) - Novice Agility Standard
NAJ - 11/18/06 (age:  4y 2m) - Novice Agility Jumpers with Weaves
NJP - 11/15/08 (age:  6y 2m) - Novice Agility Jumpers with Weaves Preferred

 Specialty Show Wins 
CWVC - Best in Sweepstakes (24 Entries) - May 2003
TCVC - WD/BOS (5 points) - June 2003
MVVC - Best in Sweepstakes (18 Entries) - June 2003
SMVC - BOS (All-Breed show prior to Specialty - over Top 10 Specials) - Aug 2003

Click here for puppy photos of Buelow and his littermates.

Click here to read about Buelow's competition accomplishments.
Training &/or competing in Show, Agility, Obedience, Hunting, Tracking.

Buelow is not available for use as a stud dog - neutered May 2009.

Booders, Boody, Budrow, Budrow Budroscalli, Jerry Seinfeld, Bucking Bronco, Moosehead, Mr. Buddy, Mr. Handsome, Birdman, "The Goodtime Boy", "My Funny Valentine", The Amputator (he chews off little appendages from soft furry toys), Mr. Biggz
Buelow's litter name: "Bozo the Clown"

 Registered Name Origin 
Rusticu -
Our kennel name.
Sensation of Praha - Both my Grandma's are Czech and my favorite Czech composer is Antonin Dvorak.  The subtitle of his Symphony Number 1 is "The Bells of Zlonice", named after the town in which he was raised.  He was born in Nelahozeves and owned a summer cottage in Vysoka.  So we named our females "Belle of Zlonice", "Belle of Nelahozeves" and "Belle of Vysoka".  Since Buelow is a boy, we took the word "Sensation" from his sire's name (Sport'n Sensation) and Praha is the Czech spelling of Prague where Dvorak spent many years.  While searching for a Dvorak-related call name, I came across a quote about Dvorak by Hans von Bülow, a German pianist, and I liked that last name but changed the spelling a bit to remove the umlaut.

Hunting, hunting, hunting, being places where there are lots of other dogs, having dogs come and visit us at my house so we can play play play, chewing up cardboard tubes, face massages, rolling in women's and men's cologne (like those samples that come in magazines), having mommy blast me with warm air from the hair dryer in the morning, curling up next to mommy in bed then letting out a big ol' sigh before going to sleep, laying in daddy's lap when he's trying to do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper, agility at Deb's

Having toenails clipped, having ears cleaned, being left home alone all day.

From Buelow

i don't whine as much as vivvi, but i'm not quiet either, especially when my food is being prepared, then i let it rip.  i am more laid back at home but the teachers at puppy class don't believe it because i am a little wiggly monster at class.  mommy has been showing me which i like because i get lots of food and sometimes her stupid thumb gets in the way so i just bite that too.  but if i get bored, i just plop my rear right down and won't budge.  i have a lot of fun doing agility training at debbie's and a little fun doing obedience training at K-9 OTC.  i get called a goofball a lot because i am a wild man.  i also get called "bucking bronco" because when i want something but mom won't let me over to it, i jump really high in place and kick out my rear legs.  it doesn't work but i get lots of laughs.  i also really like to snuggle and lick lick lick.

March 7, 2004
From Buelow via Rebecca Moravec, Animal Communicator:
"i take my job [hunting] very seriously.  someone [penny] makes too much noise in the field and she should not go out with me.  i need to be outside much longer so i can find more birds.  i love to use my nose, love new smells.  i am really good at smelling things and love to do it.  [penny] doesn't take it seriously enough.  it [hunting] is like a club and [penny] doesn't belong.  i could hunt all day."  [and the final comment...]  "don't forget that i want to be outside more."

Photo Album

Puppy Photos Weeks 2-6

New Years Day 2003

January 12, 2003

January 21, 2003

Best in Sweepstakes - Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club Specialty - May 4, 2003

Best of Opposite Sex - Twin Cities Vizsla Club Specialty - June 7, 2003

A beautiful head study is drawn by artist Michael Steddum, October 28, 2003.

A beautiful Watercolor "Master's Chair" is drawn by artist Michael Steddum, Dec 5, 2003.


From www.K9INFO.COM - click photo to enlarge

Buelow in one of our outbuildings.   Dec 18, 2004

September 16, 2006




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