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A first breeding attempt via Artificial Insemination was performed in April 2001
with timing the likely cause of this miss since the semen quality both shipments was great.
The next natural breeding done in January 2002 didn't take most likely due to
a mycoplasma infection since we had 2 successful ties and the timing was right. 

Kim and Saul Himmelfarb were wonderful stud dog owners to work with.
They were patient and accommodating.
We regret there are no Neela-Gaiter puppies to enjoy.

Vizion & Pekogait Vizslas Proudly Announce a Vizsla Breeding:

CH Vizion Belle of Nelahozeves

Birth Date:  03/19/96
OFA (hips): VZ-5847G25F-T (Good)
CERF (eyes): Normal
Height & Weight:
  22¾”; 46 lbs

Neela's Pedigree


Penlee’s Leader of the Band

Birth Date:  05/05/94
OFA (hips): VZ-4966E24M-T (Exc)
DNA: V35139
Height & Weight:  23¾”; 57 lbs

Gaiter's Pedigree

Click here to view the AKC Vizsla Breed Standard.

 A Note on Titles:

Look at the titles of the ancestors and make sure they reflect what you want in a Vizsla.  Do you want a high energy, independent hunter?  Look for hunting titles (FC, AFC, JH, SH, MH).  Do you want a trainable companion with a good temperament?  Look for obedience, agility and tracking titles (CD, CDX, UD, NA, OA, AX, etc.)  Do you want a beautiful Vizsla that meets the breed standard?  Look for conformation titles (CH - Champion, BISS - Best in Specialty Show, BIS - Best in Show).  ROM (Regsitry of Merit) indicates that Vizsla has produced a certain number of puppies who earned titles in multiple areas (show, obedience, hunting, agility, tracking, etc.)   HOF (Hall of Fame) is a high honor only given to 2 Vizslas (deceased) per year as voted on by the Vizsla Club of America membership and indicates that Vizsla is widely recognized to have made significant contributions to the breed.

Titles are indicative of hunting ability and trainability and temperament and appearance.  Even if you do not plan on showing or competing in performance events, aren't there certain qualities you want in your beloved family pet that the titles reflect in the pedigree?

This pedigree's strengths are in health, trainability and conformation.  Gaiter has produced some get with strong hunting ability, but Neela's hunting abilities have not been proven and therefore hunting ability cannot be predicted.  If hunting is your primary focus, you should consider investigating other breedings. 


Gaiter's Special Show Wins:

Best in Show (BIS):
January 2000 - Livingston KC (Novi, Michigan)

Best in Specialty Show (BISS):

January - Tampa Bay Vizsla Club (Manatee KC)
February - Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club (Elm City KC)
June - Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club (Greenwich KC)
June - Vizsla Club of Greater New York (Staten Island KC)
August - Conestoga Vizsla Club

February - Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club (Elm City KC)
May - Vizsla Club of Illinois
June - Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club (Greenwich KC)
September - Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey (Somerset KC)

January - Tampa Bay Vizsla Club (Manatee KC)
February - VCGNY (Empire Specialty Shows)
June - Vizsla Club of Greater New York (Staten Island KC)

January - Tampa Bay Vizsla Club (Manatee KC)
November -
Vizsla Club of America National Specialty (Hyannis, MA)
(defeated over 300 Vizslas from across the United States!)


Neela's Profile

Neela finished her AKC Championship (CH) before the age of 2 with two 4-pt and one 3-pt majors despite a rookie owner/handler. Regarding trainability, she was owner trained/handled to her AKC Novice Jumpers (NAJ) and Open Standard (OA) agility titles and has 2 of the 3 Open Jumpers (OAJ) legs.  She has her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and Companion Dog (CD) obedience title. She tends to be a vocal Vizsla, as when she wants a drink of fresh running water, she goes to the bathroom, sits by the sink and "calls me over" to turn on the tap. Neela epitomizes the nickname "Velcro Vizsla" as she is my adoring shadow at home.  This is Neela's first litter of puppies.

Gaiter's Profile

Gaiter followed up 3 straight 2- and 3-pt wins to finish his AKC Championship at 15 months by going Best In Sweeps and Best of Winners at the Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty. He finished his Canadian (CKC) Championship in 3 straight shows with 2 Best of Breed wins from the classes and Winners Dog at the first Vizsla Society of Ontario Specialty. He has been owner-handled to his AKC Junior Hunter (JH), Novice Standard (NA) and Open Jumpers agility titles. He needs one leg to complete his Open Standard title. He was the #1 Vizsla in the US for 3 years in breed point standings. He is an All-Breed Best In Show winner. He has 14 Best In Specialty Show wins, including the Vizsla Club of America 2000 National Specialty. He is a member of the VCA Registry of Merit (ROM). To date, his get include AKC and CKC conformation champions, agility and obedience titleholders, a Master Hunter and a Best In Specialty Winner and group placer in the AKC and CKC.

"My husband and I own two female Vizslas.  Because we are concerned about health, we had our Vizsla spayed when epilepsy turned up in her lines.  I sent her blood samples to the U of M Epilepsy Study to help find a marker in the breed.  This is my first litter as well as Neela's first breeding and we are very excited about it!  Though I have never owned dogs before, I trained and handled both "girls" to their AKC Championships, Obedience and Agility titles.  I am active in several clubs:  Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club - CWVC (President, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Calendar Compiler, past Hunt Test Secretary and Specialty Show Chair & Secretary, etc.), WI-IL Agility Group - WAG (Newsletter Editor), Vizsla Club of America - VCA (2001 Nationals Merchandise Committee, Agility Committee, etc.)  Our dogs are esteemed family members, sleep in our beds (under the covers!) and we do all we can to deserve all the love and adoration they give us!"

Bred & Co-Owned by
Gwen Tomlinson, Vizion Vizslas
2202 John Moore Road
Brandon, FL 33511

Owned, Trained and Handled (most titles) by
Kim & Saul Himmelfarb, Pekogait Vizslas
16 Deer Run Road
Collinsville, CT 06022

Bred by
Betty Anderson, Penlee Vizslas
5900 28th Avenue Drive East
Brandenton, FL 34208

Gwen Tomlinson, Neela's breeder and co-owner, wanted to keep a female from Neela's litter as it was the last planned from Neela's dam, Alli. However, Gwen didn't feel she could take on another puppy at the time. Therefore, I agreed to a future breeding of Neela predicated on soundness in conformation, temperament, hips and health. Neela has met and surpassed all expectations in these areas.  Gwen will keep a female from this litter in order to carry on Alli's lines and has been instrumental in selecting the sire of this litter. (NOTE:  Due to the unforeseen problems and costs, this agreement is no longer in effect.)  I also plan on keeping a female puppy.  We will carefully place the remaining puppies to match the interests and desires of puppy purchasers.  If you want to pick out your own puppy, please look for another breeder who is less concerned with a good match and more concerned about money.

We feel strongly that this litter will make a positive contribution to the Vizsla breed. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and preparing for this breeding and expect to produce fantastic Vizsla puppies. The owners of the sire and dam have spent much time and money in training, showing, competing and caring for their Vizslas, thus demonstrating to you the trainability, health and good conformation of the parents, traits we hope to see propagated in the puppies. The puppies will be exposed to a variety of people, sounds and experiences to get a good start at socialization. At 7 weeks of age, we plan on performing Temperament Tests to provide a general picture of each puppy's intelligence, spirit and trainability. At 8 weeks, we plan to perform a Structure Analysis to determine the physical soundness of each puppy.

If you are willing to have your Vizsla shown but are not able to hire a handler nor show it yourself, I will handle it in the ring for you at no charge if you live in close proximity to me and when not in conflict with my schedule. You must pay the entry fees and bring your Vizsla to the shows. I encourage each puppy buyer to consider a co-ownership which would allow me to show your dog in the "Bred by Exhibitor" dog show class which some judges favor (all else being equal).  To network with other Vizsla owners, I will strongly encourage you to join the Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club and Vizsla Club of America. I take lifelong interest in all Vizslas in the litter and expect you to keep in touch with me regarding accomplishments, development, health, breeding plans, etc.

Keep in mind there are no guarantees that the results will be an accurate predictor of the adult since environmental factors can also influence the puppy's development.

In other words, if a well-adjusted, socialized puppy leaves the breeder and is consequently mistreated or not socialized or neglected, it will not grow into a well-adjusted adult which cannot be blamed on the breeder nor the puppy's temperament but rather on the owners. 

A first unsuccessful breeding attempt via Artificial Insemination was performed in April 2001.  The next unsuccessful natural breeding was done in January 2002.  A third breeding attempt is being contemplated at the moment.

Breeder Support
I am available as an information resource for the life of your puppy.  That includes information on care, training, entering shows/trials, dog products, etc.  If our schedule permits, we would be happy to "dogsit" your puppy when you go on vacation.  I will supply a binder to every puppy buyer containing copies of all registration, health and title certificates for both the sire and dam and a wealth of other information (organization contact info, club applications, dog food info, health updates, immunizations, etc.)  Via EMail, I will share dog-related information that I feel may be beneficial to owners from sources such as web sites, Whole Dog Journal, seminars I attend, things I learn from other dog owners.  I look forward to tracking the development and accomplishments of each puppy and sharing it with owners of siblings via Photo Calendars, a Web Site and a Scrapbook.  Hopefully there will be opportunities for "reunions" where we can all meet and have a fun time all together.

Contractual Obligations of the Buyer:

Maintain proper diet and environment, safe and secure housing, to confine animal in a fenced yard or kennel run when left unattended outdoors, but not restrain on a rope or chain.

Administer proper veterinary care including: annual veterinary checkups, including heartworm and fecal check; to keep all immunizations current according to the AVMA guidelines and to properly administer heartworm preventatives.

Register this dog with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and to use "Vizion" in this dog's registered name.

Enroll this dog in Puppy Kindergarten class and at least one obedience class (6 or more sessions) prior to six months of age.

Assure communication/agreement with breeder before breeding or spaying/neutering of this dog.
Warning!  Many vets strongly pressure their clients to spay/neuter their dogs which makes them ineligible to enter dog shows anymore!

X-ray hips of this dog after 24 months of age and submit to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for reading.

Puppies may be sold on limited registration at my discretion. This prevents any offspring from that dog from being registered by the AKC.  Should the owner be interested in showing, it may be lifted at a later date.

Should you want to breed at a future date, following are Rusticu prerequisites:
The dog is at least two years of age.
The hips have OFA'd at GOOD or EXCELLENT.
The dog is an AKC Champion of record.
The dog has at least one other AKC title demonstrating trainability: hunting, tracking, agility, obedience, excluding CGC.
The dog has not shown any signs of poor temperament or health problems.
The dog being bred is healthy and fit.
The owners either work with the breeder in selecting a mate or provide the name of the mate(s) they are considering and why.
The intent of the above clause is to turn away buyers wanting to purchase a Vizsla puppy with the sole intention of breeding it regardless of health, conformation, temperament and trainability.

Will not sell or dispose of any offspring of this animal to wholesalers, pet shops, raffles, auctions or dog dealers.

If the buyer(s) decides to sell or otherwise relinquish ownership of this dog, the buyer makes a contractual commitment to first contact Seller and offer Seller the dog.

I do not merely sell puppies to anyone who can pay for them.  Rather, I will attempt to carefully place them into homes which I feel will be able to give a puppy the care, attention and training each precious puppy deserves.  Owners willing to train and compete with the puppies will be given preference as long as they also meet the above criteria.  Please do not tell me falsely that you have these intentions just to get a puppy.  This is a subjective process which I feel is in the best interest of Neela's puppies.

Do you want a dog to leave out in a kennel except for a few days a year to go hunting?  Are you going to tie the dog on a rope and leave it in the backyard?  Are you going to restrict the dog to a certain area in the house and not integrate it into your family?  Is your idea of good exercise a walk on a leash around the block once a day?  Do you have so many children and/or other dogs or are so busy that this puppy will be left in its crate most of the time and develop callouses on its elbows and be a nuisance or destructive when it is finally let out of its crate because YOU do not give it enough attention nor train and positively reinforce desired behavior?  Do you think $10 per training class or $40 for 40 pounds of quality dog food or $20 entry fee per dog show/trial (if you plan on competing with it) is too expensive?  Will you leave items laying around your house and blame it on the puppy when s/he chews them up?

If any of the above is true, please reconsider getting a dog - it may not be in the best interest of the puppy.


What do you do next?

(1)  Contact Penny H0net0r for a Puppy Buyer Questionnaire.
(2)  Arrange to visit Neela in person and to be interviewed.
(3)  Arrange for Penny to visit your home.
(4)  Develop a "Plan B" - continue to investigate other litters and screen other breeders in the case this breeding does not take or there are not enough puppies or in the right female/male ratio to place with all buyers on the waiting list.
(5)  Visit the Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club web site to find out more about the breed, club events you are welcome to attend (Specialty Shows, Hunt Tests, etc.), Vizsla references, etc.

Even if you decide on another litter, feel free to contact me
regarding breeder references, Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club
information, or any puppy-related questions.

Good Luck!