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AKC Registered Name:  Maggie of Saturn Altmann
Born:  October 9, 2005
Why Saturn?  The ring around her nose!

Magee, Snapper-Mooga-Shockin-Snap,
Little Snap, Snapper, MaggieMoo,  Shockin-Snap

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Maggie Photos

Air Maggie tries to catch the ball bouncing off the net:

See Maggie's face closeup below:

Helene hugging Maggie - May 2007

Maggie & Amelia looking out the window - April 2007

Maggie & Helene - Christmas 2006

Maggie & Daisy sacked out in the family room.

Maggie "The Dog", July 4, 2006

Helene & Maggie July 2006

Air Maggie, April 2006

Maggie, December 2005

Maggie Links

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