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Litter Theme:  Famous Fictional Redheads

Peanut Gallery  - My favorite little photos
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New Owners  |  New Homes

Pippi Longstocking

Yosemite Sam
the Clown
Green Pink Red Teal Blue

Thank you to our visitors &
welcome to our new puppy adopters!
We raised our puppies as family members.  They slept in our bedroom, played in our tarp-covered living room with all their various toys and tunnel boxes and were kept in crates during our short absences.  We had visitors of all ages to help people socialize the puppies.  They go up and down stairs, sleep through the night, wear collars, drag 10-feet lines when outside so are used to leashes.  We kept 2 puppies (Raggedy Ann, now Vivvi) and Bozo the Clown (now Buelow).  We are blessed with 3 sets of wonderful owners who are all compassionate dog people.  After Zoe's death I did not have the enthusiasm to take any more weekly photos - we were just devastated.  Now there are some more recent photos at the end:
New Owners  |  New Homes
Our puppies now have their own web pages:  Vivvi  |  Buelow

Peanut Gallery
My favorite little photos

Week 1  |  Week 2  |  Week 3  |  Week 4  |  Week 5  |  Week 6
New Owners
  |  New Homes

Week 1


Day 1 - Neela Nursing Pups
Neela's sides were shaved for the Whelpwise monitor, belly shaved for C-section, lumpy back is due to being hydrated via IV at the vet, bandage on her front leg and the 2 shaved spots are from the IV's & tubes during the C-section.  She has a 4.5-inch incision between her nipples with very neat stitches.

Day 1 - Puppies in the whelping box
Bozo (cream), Howdy Doody (navy), Yosemite Sam (red).
Girls: Raggedy Ann (white), Pippi Longstocking (green).
Collar colors will change as soon as the new ones I ordered from arrive.  They're photographed on a checked flannel sheet.


Day 5 - Neela Nursing Pups

Day 5 - Neela and Pup Sleeping


Day 6 - 2 pups in clay pot


Week 2

 Day 7 - Friday, September 20, 2002

Puppy Jumbles
Day 12 - September 25

 Bozo, Yosemite Sam, Pippi

Bozo, Yosemite Sam, Pippi, Howdy

Adorable Pippi

Adorable Sam

Week 3

Day 15 - Saturday, September 28, 2002

Auntie Zoe wants attention too!

The Return of the Clay Pot

Get All Your Pups in a Row


Week 4

Sunday, October 6, 2002

Sam, Bozo, Annie, Howdy, Pippi

Week 5

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Bozo, Sam, Pippi, Annie, Howdy

Week 6

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Bozo, Sam, Annie, Howdy, Pippi (I think!)

Sam, Annie, Howdy

Quasi-Daddy Rob with Pippi on shoulder, Zoe on lap

Full House
(3 and 2 of a kind)

Hannah, Gabrielle, Leah (with Pippi, Bozo, Annie)

Stephanie, Kayla (with Annie, Sam)

New Owners

The last time all puppies were together.

Addie (Pippi) with new owners Tom & Jill.
Click here to read a Bowling interview of Tom.

Pavin (Sam) with new owner Rob.

Dakota (Howdy) with new owners Allan & Rhondi.

New Homes

Vivvi, Neela, Buelow on Thanksgiving Day 2002
(Grandma Ottilie's house)

Dakota at home

Vivvi, Buelow & Neela on Christmas Day 2002
(Grandma Ottilie's house)

Vivvi & Buelow on New Year's Day 2003

Wrigley & Addie at home

Vivvi & Buelow - January 12, 2003

Buelow       &          Vivvi

at exactly 4 months old

Rusticu Relentless Addie-Tude - February 15, 2003




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