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About Vivvi From Vivvi Photo Album






About Vivvi

CH Rusticu Belle of Vysoka JH OA OAJ NF

CH Szikra's Sport'n Sensation JH x
CH Vizion Belle of Nelahozeves CD OA OAJ CGC


Click for Vivvi's Pedigree
Breeders:  Penny Honet0r
                 & Gwen Tomlinson
Born:  September 12, 2002
AKC Height Card:  22" (at withers)
Weight:   40 pounds
CERF:  Normal VZ-523/2005--31 (4/15/05)
OFA Hips:  Good VZ-9331G32F-PI
OFA Elbows:  Normal VZ-EL505F32-PI
Spayed May 2006

CH - 2/19/04 (age:  1y 5m) - Champion
JH  - 6/6/04 (age:  1y 8m) - Junior Hunter
NAJ - 4/10/05 (age:  2y 7m) - Novice Agility JWW
NA -  5/21/05 (age: 2y 8m) - Novice Agility Standard
OAJ - 9/25/05 (age:  3y 0m) - Open Agility JWW
OA -  8/17/08 (age: 5y 11m) - Open Agility Standard
NF -  11/15/08 (age: 6y 2m) - Novice FAST Agility

 Special Accomplishments 
CWVC - Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes (24 Entries) - May 2003
Finished with 4 Majors
All points came from the Bred By Exhibitor class
Earned an invitation to the 2005 AKC Eukanuba Classic!  (Unfortunately, that year's judge was known to treat white as a disqualification rather than a fault as described in the Vizsla breed standard.)
Earned a perfect series of scores (all 10's) on her second Junior Hunter Leg
Earned her Novice JWW in 3 straight runs, in 3 of her first 6 trials
Earned her Novice FAST in 3 straight runs

Click here for puppy photos of Vivvi and her littermates.

Click here to read about Vivvi's competitive accomplishments.
Training &/or competing in Show, Agility, Obedience, Hunting, Tracking

Vee-Vee, Vivvers, Star, Beacon, Sweet-Sweet, Sweety, wheet-wheet, wee-wee, Bruiser (she hits my legs with her front paws as she walks & wiggles around me in the mornings, usually with a toy in her mouth too!)
Vivvi's litter name:  "Raggedy Ann".

 Registered Name Origin 
Rusticu -
Our kennel name.
Belle of Vysoka - Both my Grandma's are Czech.  Czechoslovakia helped save the Vizsla from extinction after WWI.  My favorite Czech composer is Antonin Dvorak.  The subtitle of his Symphony Number 1 is "The Bells of Zlonice", named after the town in which he was raised.  My first Vizsla, Zoe's name is "Belle of Zlonice".  Dvorak was born in Nelahozeves, thus Vivvi's mom Neela's name is "Belle of Nelahozeves".  Dvorak had a summer cottage in Vysoka which follows suit.

The DOG WALK (agility obstacle), hunting, hugging (she really does hug, it's adorable), sleeping, drinking water out of the faucet, Flint River Ranch dog food, chewing up cardboard tubes, whining, face massages, eating frozen poop.

Being microchipped, having toenails clipped, having ears cleaned, baths, being left home alone all day, groveling and obnoxious dogs who get in my face.

From Vivvi

Vivvi scented a bird's nest with newly-hatched chicks and wouldn't budge off point.

like my mom, I am a vocal vizsla.  in other words, i whine a lot, especially when i am bored.  i am more spunky than my brother buelow.  he is bigger than me but i stand my ground when we play fight.  i was the alpha of the litter, but mommy says i don't seem overly dominant around other dogs now.  i have a patch of white on my chest that my mom thinks may be zoe's angel wings.  she also says it looks like a star which is what i am to her.  i am an akc champion which is good because it is not my favorite thing to do other than i like seeing my sister addie at shows.  i got bit by flies in kansas city in august 2003 and then the microchip took a few tries to get in at the show site of the vca nationals in november 2003 so i hated shows because things are going to bite me and people poke and hurt me there.  i got over it and now go up to strangers wagging my tail.  at my last show mommy said i stood like a beautiful statue and moved like a dream and made all the work we did worth it.  i have a lot of fun doing agility at debbie's and a little fun doing obedience at K-9 OTC.  my mommy even takes me out hunting which i love love love.  i find and point birds.  i used to cover so much ground so fast that i would flush the birds up and would chase them as fast as my little legs would carry me.  now i am more careful and find them with my nose.  i pretty much like to do everything.  like zoe and my mommy, i am an all-star kisser, nibbler and snuggler.

March 7, 2004
From Vivvi via Rebecca Moravec, Animal Communicator:
"i think people think buelow is smarter than me and i don't like that.  i want to be a therapy dog with kids.  i want to go places and be an ambassador.  don't you think i'd be good at that?  i want to be [penny's] favorite.  i don't want to go to shows anymore."  <Rebecca said that the feeling she got from Vivvi was all innocence and sweetness.>

Words on White...
my mommy says that some people think i am flawed because i have a large patch of white on my chest even though it is within standard.   she calls them "white spot bashers" and says they may need to take a deeper, objective look underneath this issue's surface to overcome their superficial myopia.  they let a single cosmetic marking which will always be present in the vizsla breed shape their entire opinion of me - they use use their eyes and not their brains.  this is even true of some judges who are supposed to have the best interest of the breed at heart.  she does appreciate all the other judges like the ones who put me up in dog shows - in the bred by exhibitor class which is where i received all my points including 4 majors.  these judges had the wisdom to look beyond the white.

francois bernier has authored some articles that describe the genetics and physiology of white in vizslas.  click here to see a list of articles and links to them in .pdf form.

next, my mommy invites all the "white spot bashers" to consider the following:
(1) white can never be eliminated in the breed though it can be reduced.
(2) there are no other negative traits related to the amount of white on a vizsla (e.g. no poor temperaments, no health or physical problems, etc.)
(3) humans have arbitrarily attached a negative connotation with white on vizslas.
(4) a vizsla's phenotype (appearance) does not necessarily correspond to its genotype (genetic roadmap), e.g. a vizsla with no white could have as strong an ability to pass on white as a vizsla WITH white.  in fact, neither Vivvi's dam nor sire have any white.
(5)  there are a lot of vizslas without white and without virtues as well and may have ugly heads, poor structure, unsound temperaments, health problems in their pedigrees and themselves, unremarkable ancestry, etc.

would you rather buy a structurally sound, gorgeously decorated house built by master carpenters with a beautiful one-color exterior but with a white front door
buy an ugly house built by the high school shop class with a matching front door but is infested with carpenter ants and mold behind the walls, has flawed electrical and plumbing and is haunted?

i invite you to accept my white as a unique beauty mark that is a part of my wonderful essence which includes an accomplished, healthy pedigree; breed beauty, conformation and type; soundness in structure; sweetness in temperament; awesome trainability and hunting ability and drive.  and do you know what?  my mommy and daddy are proud of me and love me and my white spot and tell me it makes me special.  even if you don't like my white spot, I will still like and respect you regardless of your faults, because that's just how i am.

Photo Album

Raggedy Ann (Vivvi) and Yosemite Sam

Puppy Photos Weeks 2-6

New Years Day 2003

January 12, 2003

January 21, 2003

First Win (4 points) - Badger Kennel Club - May 2, 2003

AKC Championship (3 points) - International Cluster - February 19, 2004

Vivvi in the Box Elder Night & Day - February 8, 2005

May 20, 2006

September 16, 2006

Vivvi over the Triple -  5/17/2008 www.pet-personalities.com




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