April 23, 1995 - November 1, 2002

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About Zoe

CH Priden Joy Belle of Zlonice AX OAJ CGC
Breeder:  Joy Sonsalla & William Quandt Sr.
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In Everloving Memory of
April 23, 1995-November 1, 2002

Zoe was our
radiant sunshine,
effervescent joy,
closest soulmate,
true friend
and everlasting love.

Zoe, our hearts ache.
You will always be our #1.

Remembrances of Zoe...


Rocket Dog (from agility), Spunkmeister, Zo-Zo, Scout, "The Princess"

Zoe in a Nutshell:
Perpetual Spunkiness and Happiness

Registered Name Origin:
Priden Joy -
Name of her breeder's kennel.
Belle of Zlonice - Both my Grandma's are Czech.  Czechoslovakia helped save the Vizsla from extinction after WWI.  My favorite Czech composer is Antonin Dvorak.  The subtitle of his Symphony Number 1 is "The Bells of Zlonice", named after the town in which he was raised.  Changing one letter makes "Belle of Zlonice".

Frisbee, Agility, "Giddyup" trick, the left side of the couch, sleeping under daddy's legs, playing chase, Flint River Ranch dog food, Bonz treats, running at Ottawa Field Trial Grounds, chewing up cardboard tubes, kissing, rolling in stinky things on the ground, belly scratches, face massages, searching for critters (chipmunks, cats, birds, flies, ladybugs, squirrels, woodchucks, etc.)

Bees, "Come to Momma", baths, having toenails clipped, having ears cleaned, bark collars, umbrellas, walking in wet grass, rain, being left home alone all day, mommy staying up late to work on the web site!

From Zoe
i have been a spunky little girl since i was a puppy.  i like agility a lot.  my first instructors called me rocket dog.  when mommy can't keep up with me or doesn't give me good directions (and trust me, that happens a lot), i really let her know.  mommy says i smile when i run agility and the photo in my album below proves it.  i don't like obedience that much.  if there's no treat in mommy's mouth or pocket (she tries to fool me - yeah right, i'm a DOG), i'm gonna go to the other side of the ring and look for one.  i am the sentry of the house.  if i hear something, i bark my head off and get my sister neela started too.  i love to play wrestle with neela.  i can climb 2 trees in our yard which makes mommy call me monkey dog.  my face is going gray early - i am only 7-1/2 years old.  mommy says that people think i'm old until they see me tear up an agility course.  i have had 3 mast cell tumors removed - in my ear flap, on my side and on my front leg.  i don't like going to the vet anymore.  plus mommy says it ruins our momentum in agility when we can't enter trials because of surgery.  i like sleeping way under the covers but by the edge of the mattress on daddy's side so if i hear something like owls or coyotes outside, i have a quick exit to the sun room where i can let them know i'm here and to go away.  i don't like it when mommy and daddy go to work all day, and they always tell us they'd rather stay home with us.  they have never gone on a vacation without us and they never do things on weeknights without us because they love us so much.


Thanks to everyone for the countless cards and EMails
showing your support and sympathy
as we try to cope with this tragic, devastating loss in our lives.

Candles/Lights in Zoe's Honor:
Kyle & Tracey Shimek - Home
Ginger Tierney - Church Service
Jill Demski - Hope Light at HSUS-Milwaukee
Charitable Donations in Zoe's Honor & Other Kindnesses:

Burning with Enthusiasm

Ginger & John Tierney
Ottilie Glazier
Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital
Debbie Taylor
Steve & Kathy Harris
John & Mary McGrath
Debbie Hansen
Kathy Harmer & Sue Barnes
Jill & Tom Demski
Kathy & Dick Pearson (neighbors)
Joy Sonsalla & Bill Quandt, Sharon Shea, Mary Hanneman, John Wellens, Cheryl Peterson
WAG - WI-IL Agility Group, Christmas 2005, a gift to UW-Madison Veterinary School in memory of Zoe.

How we honor Zoe:
We light a candle almost every evening in her memory.
I talk to her all the time.
I consult with an animal communicator to connect with her spirit.
We reminisce about her often and record our memories as they come to mind so we can later create a Memorial Book.  I also have a selection of songs that impart how much we miss her and will compile a CD.
I had our favorite Zoe photo artistically altered to look like a water color painting.  Is hanging on the "Zoe Wall" with her awards.

In dog show competitions, I will wear a necklace in her honor - the pendant is a replica of the window of the St. Francis of Assissi (patron saint of animals) cathedral in Italy inscribed with a quote by Italian poet Dante: "She who imparadises my mind" - that's what Zoe does to me.

And I will wear beautiful "Zoe" earrings from www.beautifulsilverjewelry.com.  The moonstone will remind me that Zoe is always with me and glowing like the moon and the garnet will symbolize my undying love for her.

Zoe, you blessed our lives - we miss you so!


Joy Sonsalla, Zoe's breeder and my close friend (11/01/02)
It is with the saddest of heart that I share the passing of Ch Priden Joy Belle of Zlonice AX OAJ CGC affectionately known as "Zoe". Zoe was the pride and joy of her owners Penny and Rob. Zoe was struck by a car and killed this morning. There is no dog on this earth who was more loved and adored than Zoe. As her breeder I could only hope that every dog I have placed on this earth should live with such devoted people who cared for her as anyone would care for their child. Zoe will be sadly missed in the vizsla world, agility world, and lives of her 2 legged and 4 legged family and friends.

People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life --
like loving everybody all the time and being nice.
Dogs already know how to do that,
so they don't have to stay as long.

Debbie Taylor, Vizsla Friend (01/7/03)
[Debbie owns Zoe's littermate Alex and half-sister True.]  Traveling with 4 dogs, we all got to know each other well.  On our way to Louisville one year, Zoe had an upset stomach and threw up on me and my coat and the floor of the truck.  I took care of her and cleaned up while Penny was driving.  We were buddies after that, pukey breath kisses and all!  I went to Nationals in Nebraska, flew in with no dogs.  Zoe slept with me part of the night, then Neela, then Levi.  I guess they wanted to make sure I wasn't lonely for a dog.  Another Nationals trip to Massachusetts, Penny videotaped Alex and Zoe playing together in our hotel room.  It was so much fun watching them play while Neela and True watched.  When we came to visit, Zoe showed she was so excited to see me by jumping up and giving me lots of kisses.  She made me feel special, what a sweetie.  She will always have a special spot in my heart.
Pat Erickson, Vizsla Friend (01/26/03)
I just visited your website and am in awe of all you have done as well as in tears reading all about Zoe.  Zoe was such a special girl, partly because of her wonderful owners and the rest was her own personality. You two had such a bond, and I can only imagine your grief as I think of how I will feel when the time comes to lose Jessie. One of the things I enjoyed the most was watching you two doing agility. Nobody ever had so much fun as you two. The constant chatter and happiness you both had competing was a joy to watch. She did have a habit of doing her own thing (just like Jessie) but always had fun doing it. Yes, time heals but she will always have a place in our hearts as those special ones do.
Polly Poulos, Vizsla Friend (01/02/03)
When I think of you and Zoe, I see that B/W photo. Even before I knew of that photo's existence, that is how I pictured you two in my mind. To me, it epitomizes how your relationship will always be.
Helene, 8-year-old niece (11/24/02)
Zoe - A Poem
Zoe was the happiest dog in town (at least I thought)
Waggie waggie waggie her tail was always waggie!
Zoe we miss you!
Deb Hansen, Agility Instructor & Friend (11/19/02)
A dear friend that will be missed. Zoe was a wonderful, full of zing little girl. I use to enjoy watching her and Neela play at my house inbetween doing their agility lesson. They truly amazed me because I always felt that they did not have a normal bitch relationship. I felt that they were true friends. The way they would bark together, hunt for treats, share the water bowl and most of all the way they played. It use to be like watching two kids play the game of tag or keep away. Bouncing back and forth with a jump in-between seeing who would be the first to cut around and chase. They use to share the equipment together also. Doing things in tandem. To me they had what I would call a unique form of friendship. I will forever miss seeing them together, but feel I blessed for the time I got to enjoy watching them.
Kim Himmelfarb, Vizsla friend (11/11/02)
I know how much you love your guys. Joy Sonsalla is right. There is no one more devoted than you and Rob. You have done so much not only for your own dogs, but, out of your love for them and devotion to them, for the entire vizsla breed by becoming so involved, by doing so much for your club and other vizsla lovers, by leading by example. You are two amazing people and I have tremendous respect for you, which makes it all the more painful and difficult to know that you lost your beloved Zoe.  I am so sorry. Please accept our deepest sympathy and sincere wishes that your continuing love and devotion to the red dogs will help to heal the hole in your hearts.
Brian Bennet, Rob's Co-worker, Vizsla friend (11/07/02)
I just wanted to let you know that I told Kim the story of your loss last night and she actually cried for a considerable amount of time. She was especially concerned for Penny, trying to imagine the panic, fear, and anxiety that she must have endured while she raced to the Veterinary clinic. Please know that we are thinking of you guys and that we sincerely hope that this pain finds an appropriate place in your hearts in the future, rather than it's current place at the front of all perceptions.

We want Penny to know that others are thinking of her during this very difficult time. Zoe was a very beautiful and gentle soul, and was one of the principal reasons I was able to convince Kim that a Vizsla was right for us. I will never forget meeting her and Neela for the first time after the Roots and Wings race in 1999. They were both in their Packer outfits and were quite a sight to see. Neela the energetic pup; and Zoe the majestic, calm, ready to please charmer that she was, patiently waiting for Penny's adoration.

Bobbie Graser, Vizsla friend (11/04/02)
She was the sweetest girl and I'm glad that I was able to visit with her. I know she had some medical problems so maybe this was God's way of protecting her from future pain and suffering. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes because I know how devestating a loss this is to the both of you. Saying goodbye is never easy, but at least she didn't suffer.
Sharon Shea, Vizsla friend (11/04/02)
I couldn't speak right now if my life depended on it. We are sorry to hear about Zoe. I will always remember our trip to Nationals in Nebraska. We had such a good time and the dogs got along so well. You are the kind of people every breeder prays they can place each deserving little puppy with. The lump in your throat and the hole in your heart will lessen with time. Zoe will always have a special place in your heart and will be remembered by her many friends in and out of the Vizsla world. Our prayers are with you.
Mary Minch, Agility & Vizsla friend (11/02/02)
I just heard about Zoe. I am SO sorry. . . know that my thoughts are with you guys. I can't even begin to express how bad I feel for you. I know the pain and the heartache only too well. Please take comfort in the fact that Zoe brought smiles to all of our faces and in a short time, you too will smile through the tears when you remember your dear friend.

I must say, Penny, that you never cease to amaze me. Scott and I are always talking about what a NICE person you are. . .always there to help someone else. Even today (I'm sorry I didn't know when I saw you), in all your grief, you stopped to try to help me find a stupid course layout when you have so much on your mind! Please know that your kindness has an impact on people's lives.  We ache for you.

Sandy Davis, Agility friend (11/02/02)
I called Joy after I tried to get you. She was crying and I was trying hard not to. (I was at work.) I know how much Zoe meant to you and I just can't stop thinking about you guys. I can't think of anyone who was a better owner then you. I know it doesn't help, but Zoe had a great life with you. She was always a happy little girl. I am just so sad.
Jill Demski, Vizsla friend  (11/02/02)
We are very saddened by the news of Zoe. She was such a loving and playful girl. I know how much Wrigley loved to play with her. She was patient and gentle with him, even when he was chewing on her and using her as his chew toy! I still can't believe this. I remember you playing "chase" with her in the kitchen and dining room just the other day. The words "Can I have it?" also stand out in my head right now too. I remember Penny asking for the toy and Zoe just gave it right to her and then Penny would give it back and let her play with it. I have actually heard Tom using that phrase with Wrigley a few times since that visit, now I will always think of Zoe when I hear him say that.
Maggie Arseneau, Agility friend (11/02/02)
We are so truly sorry to hear about the passing of your Zoe. We know how much you loved her. She was like a child to you. We are deeply saddened to learn this. Our sympathies & hearts go out to you during this terrible loss. We will all miss her including our Shadow. He loved her too.

Photo Album

Zoe enjoying life

A Beautiful Pyrographic Image of Zoe

Burning with Enthusiasm

Icky Building  #1



Rocket Dog

The Belle of Zlonice

Where did that kitty go?

Zoe's rendition of "Play Dead"




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