March 19, 1996 - December 22, 2006

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About Neela From Neela Photo Album






About Neela

CH Vizion Belle of Nelahozeves OA OAJ CD CGC
Breeder:  Gwen Tomlinson
Born:  03/19/96
AKC Agility Height Card:  22-3/4"
OFA:  Good VZ-5847G25F-T
CERF:  Normal 

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Neela was spayed in December 2002.


Neela-Beela, Neela-Booloo, Needa-booloosh, Boo-boo, Booby, Needy Neela, "The Queen", Nelly Belly, Scooby-Doo, Meela, Chow Hound

Registered Name Origin:
Vizion -
Name of her breeder's kennel.
Belle of Nelahozeves - Both my Grandma's are Czech.  Czechoslovakia helped save the Vizsla from extinction after WWI.  My favorite Czech composer is Antonin Dvorak.  The subtitle of his Symphony Number 1 is "The Bells of Zlonice", named after the town in which he was raised.  My first Vizsla's name is "Belle of Zlonice".  Dvorak was born in Nelahozeves, thus "Belle of Nelahozeves".

Sleeping, the right side of the couch, sleeping with her head on mommy's pillow, drinking water out of the faucet, Flint River Ranch dog food, Bonz treats, running at Ottawa Field Trial Grounds, chewing up cardboard tubes, kissing, rolling in stinky things on the ground, belly scratches, face massages, searching for critters (chipmunks, cats, birds, flies, ladybugs, squirrels, woodchucks, etc.)

Weave poles, perfume, dumbells, baths, having toenails clipped, having ears cleaned, bark collars, umbrellas, walking in wet grass, rain, being left home alone all day, mommy staying up late to work on the web site!

From Neela

mommy calls me a vocal vizsla.  i leave no doubt how i'm feeling.  if i want a drink of water, i sit by the sink and call someone over.  if i think it is past my bedtime, i tell them.  mommy says i am easy to train because i like food.  i usually get titles faster than zoe.  but i am not as crazy and fast as zoe when it comes to agility.  i miss my mom and dad a lot when they are at work.  since they couldn't hear me whining, i decided to chew up their woodwork.  now i'm in a crate.  but i love it because before they go i get a little handful of treats which i just can't wait for.  i am a bit of a drooler which comes in handy when begging.  it makes mommy give me something first to stop the drooling and get more faster.  mommy says i have the most expressive vizsla head she's ever seen.  she always says i'm so pretty.  i run really fast too.  i like sleeping under the covers right next to mommy with my head either on her pillow or shoulder.  i'm onto zoe who likes to start barking to try and get me to join in.  now when i'm really tired, i don't fall for it anymore.  i don't have any human brothers or sisters but my cousins come to visit and zoe and i love being around them even when they were really young and pulled our ears and tail and jumped on top of us.

Photo Album

The Laundry Basket

Puppy Neela                                            Adult Neela

Nature's Beauty

Icky Building #1


Lovely Expression

Having Agility Fun!

New Star Wars Character?

Still beautiful & spunky at 10 1/2 years old

September 16, 2006

Neela's Dam, "Alli",
CH Redfield's Sun Kist Vizion ROM
May 9, 1988 - November 13, 2001




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